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Our team came up with a very unique idea that no other diploma manufacturer offers. We call it “Personalize-and-Print”. We provide you with:

  • Non-personalized diploma blanks that have all of the color images, mascots and text pre-printed on them
  • A WORD template specifically for your diploma blanks
  • The font that is used in the template

Keep in mind, that this is just an option, but a very popular one. We can always personalize or leave lines for handwritten calligraphy.

In short, “Personalize-and-Print” can be a significant savings for your school budget (up to 40% savings) by allowing you to order in bulk for two, three or even several years at a time! There is no charge for this option either.


“Personalize-and-Print” saves you time! You only have to concern yourself with re-ordering once every few of years.

See for yourself with this brief 1 minute, 40 second video!

Give it a try: Visualize exactly what our customers receive when they order “Personalize-and-Print”. Click one of the links below to try it out!

Username: diploma
Password: schoolgrads

Try Out Personalize-and-PrintTry Out Personalize-and-PrintTry Out Personalize-and-Print

If you have a question about “Personalize-and-Print”, please contact us. We’d love to help out!

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