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Diploma Shipping Services

Personal. Hassle Free. Ship Direct to the Student.

Now more than every, your graduates deserve a distinguished finish to their education. Make sure that they are rewarded by provided them the memento that they have earned – a classy, hand-imprinted diploma cover and stunning diploma from Graduation Ink with our diploma shipping service.

If you would like a quote regarding factory to doorstep delivery, please contact Jesse in Production using the chat function below, at 262-247-0343 or via our contact form or chat.  He will be your personal contact from quote through the diploma delivery.

Graduation Ink Diploma Delivery Service

We Utilize UPS and USPS for Diploma Shipping Service

The most reasonable shipping options for individual diplomas and diploma covers are usually US Mail.  However, we can quote UPS shipping also. You can estimate shipping rates around $15.00 for our largest diploma/cover combos and $10.00 for the smaller sizes.

Shipping Options
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