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Graduation Ink provides custom middle school diploma printing, junior high school diploma printing, charter school diploma printing, and home school diploma printing. All school diplomas are hand-foiled, manufactured, and printed in the United States Kremer Publications in Butler Wisconsin.


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Middle School Diploma Printing

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Graduation Diploma Printing


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Series 500 Graduation Diploma Printing Instructions


Junior High School Diploma

Thank you for your order of graduation diplomas.  We hope to provide your students with attractive and meaningful diplomas, while making the diploma process easy and inexpensive for your school.

Enclosed in the shipment will be the diploma covers and insert sheets (printed 2-up).  Please follow these simple instructions in making your diplomas: (Do not tear sheets at perforation until you read the following.)

1. Put the disk into your computer.
2. If you do not have the font already on your computer, open the disk file folder labeled FONT and copy it to your computer font folder (located in your computer control panel.)
3. Save the diploma WORD document into your hard drive so you always have the disk handy as a backup for future use.  Keep the disk in a safe place and always work from your computer file.
4. On your computer screen enter the graduation date ON BOTH DIPLOMAS (Remember they are 2-up so you will print two students at a time.)
5. Print out a SAMPLE white sheet and hold up in the light behind your preprinted diploma sheet to check margins.  Make any adjustments necessary.  (The disk comes with the two diplomas already properly placed on the sheet.)
6. Place the preprinted sheets into your computer printer.
7. Type in student names and hit PRINT. (It will work on Laser and Inkjet printers.)

You can easily make any text changes you wish.  We have provided you with extra sheets in case there is some spoilage. 

If you have any questions call Graduation Ink (262-247-0343) or our parent company - Kremer Publications, Inc. at 800-669-0887.

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