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Graduation Ink provides custom middle school diploma printing, junior high school diploma printing, charter school diploma printing, and home school diploma printing. All school diplomas are hand-foiled, manufactured, and printed in the United States Kremer Publications in Butler Wisconsin.


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Middle School Diploma Printing


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Personalized Home School Diplomas Now Online!

You can now order personalized home school diplomas directly from Graduation Ink - hassle free!  The diploma cover is included and can also be hot-foiled for an additional charge.  As always, shipping is included in the cost of every home school diploma order.

Home School Diplomas

Covers are available in blue, red, green, or black.  The foiling for the cover is available in silver or gold.  Standard price is $25.50 with an additional $10.00 charge for foiling.

To order, or for more information, view the Home School diploma page here >


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How to Choose a School Diploma Cover


Diploma Cover Styles
There are a number of different diploma cover styles on the market today.  There are vinyl padded covers, leatherette, turned edge covers, paper stock certificate-style covers and more.

Typically, most high schools and technical colleges will utilize a moire paneled, padded, turned edge diploma cover that holds an 8 1/2" x 11" diploma sheet inside of silk corners.  Common colors include navy, maroon, black, red, or green.  At Graduation Ink, blank covers start at just $13.50 each.

Some high schools, most middle school diplomas, elementary school diplomas, and Christian diplomas and promotion certificates will use a smaller format certificate cover or diploma cover.  This diploma may hold either a half-size sheet (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") held inside of a clear protective holder or a full sheet (8 1/2" x 11") held in place with an elastic band called a pawl.

At Graduation Ink, we offer a pliable, leatherette cover that utilizes an entire sheet.  This cover, with a pawl, starts at $4.95 each.  We also stock lightly padded, Castillian vinyl covers that can hold a half sheet behind an anti-stick protector.  These covers start at $11.50 each.

Apples and Oranges of Diploma Vendors
There are a couple of items to consider when choosing a school diploma vendor:

1. What does the vendor charge for shipping?  Most will bill a flat percentage of the order.  At Graduation Ink, we charge ACTUAL shipping costs.

2. Does the price of the diploma cover include a diploma sheet also?  Graduation Ink has published pricing for all of our diploma covers from blanks, to foiled covers, to covers with custom designed diploma sheets.

3. What is the design cost of my diploma sheet?  Is it a cookie cutter template?  At Graduation Ink, you will work with a professional graphic artist at NO additional cost and with no obligation if you decide not to order our products.  These diploma sheets are designed specific to your specifications.

For more information on Graduation Ink diplomas, or to request a sample diploma cover with custom diploma sheet, click here >


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Graduation Ink's Diploma Covers and Diploma Sheets Website Upgrade


Diploma Covers

New for the 2012 graduation season!

At Graduation Ink we have upgraded our website to provide for an easier browsing experience when searching for high quality, yet, low cost diploma covers and custom diploma sheets.

View our school diploma sheet portfolio, print full price guides for all of our diploma products, submit instant diploma cover and diploma sheet quotes, and upload your diploma sheet images with our logo/mascot ftp software.  For questions on our products, you can always contact Jesse 24/7 at 262-247-0343 or with our online contact form here >

As always, Graduation Ink will continue to provide free, no obligation, custom diploma sheet artwork.  All diploma sheets are designed specific to your school.

Diploma covers are continuing to come into our warehouse in preparation for the 2012 graduation season.  Order early and avoid the last minute rush on school diploma cover foiling.  All covers include foiling in silver or gold.


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High School Diploma Covers & Diplomas - NEW


As promised, Graduation Ink - the Diploma Source, is now offering high school diploma printing and diploma cover production.  There are two options available for high school diploma customers - the popular, budget-friendly, Series 500 diploma and the new Series 850 diploma.

Series 850 High School Diploma
(may also be used for Technical College or military diplomas)

Series 850 High School Diploma

This diploma holds a custom designed diploma sheet that can include the school logo or mascot.  This service is complimentary (there is no obligation to purchase if you do not like our design ideas). 

The diploma covers includes the following features:

• Turned edge construction
• Lightly padded
• Leatherette texture
• White, moire interior panels
• White, satin corners to hold the diploma in place
• School name foiled in silver or gold on the front cover
• Blue, black, red, or green diploma cover colors

 Series 500 High School Diploma
(Also used for Charter Schools, Middle Schools, and Home Schools)
Series 500 High School Diplomas

The Series 500 diploma is our most popular diploma style for middle and charter schools.  At Graduation Ink, we decided that this would also be an excellent low-cost, yet classy alternative to traditional large diploma covers.  Starting at $6.60 each, this diploma cover/diploma sheet combo includes a custom designed diploma sheet and a hand-foiled, lightly padded Castillian vinyl cover.  The diploma sheet is held in place behind an anti-stick clear protective sleeve.

Available in red, blue, green, and black.



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A New Line of Christian Elementary School Diplomas


Graduation Ink now offers Christian elementary school diplomas with the Series 250 diploma by Kremer Publications, Inc.  Our Christian school diploma covers feature a brushed gold plate with a lamp or book and cross.  The school name is hand foiled onto the front of the school diploma cover.  Every diploma sheet is personalized to include the student's name.

In addition to the "Series 250" diplomas offered to Christian schools, the Series 300 and Series 500 lines are also used by Christian Middle Schools and Christian High Schools.  Pictured below are a couple of samples in our school diploma portfolio.

Christian school diploma

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